Wendy Wright to Richard Dawkins: Where is the evidence?

Thank God for Wendy Wright, the below interview highlights the questions that we have always brought to the fore. As we have always said, there is no evidence of species-to-species transition, and we have been to evolution museums.

To prove that I have been to an evolution museum, here’s are pics:

I asked for evidence of species-to-species transition and I was showed these illustrations:

and my favourites:

The museum (Maropeng) I went to is credited with the discovery of “Mrs Ples”, as indicated below:

I’m yet to see the evidence, perhaps it’s because I haven’t been to the British National Museum. Yet, those who have been to the world-acclaimed museum are adamant that all there is in the museum are the illustrations, and no material evidence whatsoever.



  1. TheTruth said

    Only a moron would think Ms Wright came off as anything but a vacuous simpleton during that interview.

    Misrepresentation, deceit and wilful ignorance – the very hallmarks of your delusion – displayed for all to see.


  2. The D-Unit said

    Ms Wright needs evidence of evolution? Oh yeah because we all know the Bible is full of hard fact

  3. Bonni J said

    Ms Wright is not only an idiot, she a rude one at that.

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