Religion and Corrective Rape – Reply to Jaco Barnard-Naude

Jaco Barnard-Naude, a law associate professor at University of Cape Town, wrote an article called “Religion and Corrective Rape”, where he blames religion for the corrective rape and murder of homosexual females happening in South Africa, specifically Noxolo Nogwaza who was raped and murdered for just being homosexual.

I’m not surprised that Jaco blames religion for this barbaric act, after all religion is responsible for some of history’s worst human rights violations. If we were to go back in history and count the victims of religion, then I’m certain the number would exceed hundreds of millions. But we don’t have to go very far back in history to mention some of the victims of religion. We know that it’s religion that caused thousands of deaths in Northern Ireland, in a war between Catholics and Protestants. And we know that religion covered up the sexual abuses of thousands of heterosexual boys for decades, while it protected priests who were nothing but sodomites. We should also mention Uganda, where religious hypocrisy legalise the persecution of homosexuals. We also know that religious cleansing is happening in Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Egypt and many Islamic countries, all in the name of religion. Reality is anybody in his right mind would never defend religion’s right to exist, but would wish for a day when religion would vanish and be no more. That is my wish, and that is why I fight all kinds of religions, including atheism, because I hate religion and what it does to people, not only homosexuals but all of mankind.

I hope you don’t object to my associating atheism alongside religion, because I firmly believe that atheism is a form of religion, even though atheists claim superior intellectual and moral compulsion to the religious people. Richard Dawkins, a leading atheist, said recently in an interview with Wendy Wright, that he wouldn’t want to live in a Darwinian (atheistic) world because he feared it would be worse than the current religious world we live in. And of course we have seen what atheistic regimes (unless you prefer calling them communist) have done throughout history, and what they continue to do in places like Burma. So there’s no doubt that religion and atheism have only caused heartache for the citizens of this world, not just homosexual community. Hence I agree fully with Karl Marx that religion is a form of “illusory happiness”.

However I take an issue with you when you mock the bible, and suggest that the bible is “responsible” for the behaviour of the rapists and their attitude towards their neighbours. You remind me of atheists who claim the bible was altered and can’t be trusted, yet they are willing to quote from the same book to support their atheistic views. You say in your article that “Some readers would say that I am misconstruing religion”. So I want to assure you that everything you said about religion is true, but you have indeed misrepresented the bible’s view on the matter. Not only does the bible say homosexuality is sinful (Leviticus 20), but it also makes it clear that murder (Exodus 20) and rape (Leviticus 20) are also sinful, and it teaches to love our neighbour as we love ourselves (Matthew 5:44). So you have a problem here, either the perpetrators of homosexual hatred are not inspired by the bible but are acting on their own consciences, or you have misrepresented the bible.

But it seems you have more problems with the fact that the bible says homosexuality is sinful, and you don’t understand why homosexuality should be considered sinful by the bible when heterosexuals are allowed to do as they please. For your comfort, let me assure you that the bible says heterosexual sex is also sinful, if not under the confines of marriage (Leviticus 20), and that a person would be committing a sin by re-marrying after divorce when the divorced partner is still alive (Luke 16:18). So God is not homophobic, like you want us to believe, but He hates all kinds of sins, whether a person is heterosexual or not.  As such it would be stupid for a heterosexual fornicator to think that his sin is tolerable in the eyes of God on the basis that he is not a homosexual, or for a virgin to think that he is acceptable to God when lust is considered adultery by the bible (Matthew 5:28).

Do not be a hypocrite, if you want to accuse the bible of a crime for calling homosexuality a sin, then you should be fair enough to note that it also considers lying, fornication, lust, adultery, paedophilia, jealousy, prostitution, stealing, drunkenness, swindling, witchcraft, hatred, discord, selfish ambition, envy, orgies, debauchery, murder, and many other things our constitution allows as sinful. The bible has never tried to replace any constitution of any country, because it is a universal constitution of God, and it contains the law and statues that He will use to judge the world on Judgement Day. People are allowed to go their own ways and do what they like, but God won’t use the South African constitution to judge any South African, but the Ten Commandments would be the standard. On Judgement Day, the question won’t be whether a person was heterosexual or homosexual, but it would be whether a person has looked with lust thereby committing adultery in his heart.

What a Christian like me does is not to try to trample upon the dignity of homosexuals or fornicators, but to make them aware that it is God they would have to answer to, and not the honourable Justice Emeritus Albie Sachs. Judge Sachs doesn’t have authority on anybody, except if they appear on his court, but God has authority on every human on earth, including Judge Sachs, and we will all appear on His Judgement Seat. Homosexuals will answer to God for their sins, and so would those who rape, murder and persecute them in anyway. That’s the biblical message!


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  1. cpmondello said

    “I hope you don’t object to my associating atheism alongside religion, because I firmly believe that atheism is a form of religion, even though atheists claim superior intellectual and moral compulsion to the religious people.”

    Wow….sounds like you assume you know what ALL atheists believe. Seems to me, atheists are generally more honest with their insults, for instance, I say all conservative Christians should be eliminated, yes, eliminated. I feel the same for any extremist from any religion that wants to tell everyone else how to live especially when they have a hand in the laws like the conservative Christians in the US congress that are constantly trying to make the USA a “Christian Nation”. Did you see how I separated conservative Christians for All Christians? As for thinking I am superior in anyway to anyone, only conservative Christians am I guilty of that. I am a big supporter of Interfaith Alliance and other groups that support people from all walks of life working together to make the world a better place for us all. But, in this kind of world, you cannot have any conservative/extremist religious people, because they are the ones that have done all the horrible things that have happened in the worlds history that has harmed mankind. These people will only destroy, oppress, murder, go to war against others, etc…. So, please don’t place ALL atheists into the same pile because most Atheists, Secular Humanists, Leftist, Progressive, Gays, etc, DON’T place all Christians into one pile.

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