What is being born-again

A person is born-again when he has repented from his sins and has faith in Jesus Christ. But why does a person need to be born-again? God gave us the Ten Commandments (see Exodus 20), which He expected every human to obey, and failure which results in sin. So sin is breaking the Ten Commandments. The bible tells us that a person who sins will die (see Ezekiel 18:3). But the death that the bible talks about is NOT this death that everybody suffers, but death in hell also known as second death (see Revelations 21:8). You can know if you have sinned against God by asking yourself if you have lied (9th commandment), stolen anything even when you were young (8th commandment), looked at a woman with lust or committed fornication (7th commandment), etc. If you have done these things, then you have surely sinned against God, and you will face His judgement after you die.

But God is merciful and doesn’t want to send people to hell, which is why He sent Jesus to die on the cross for our sins. So Jesus took the punishment that we deserved, so we don’t have to be sent to hell by God. But we need to repent (leave our sins) from our sins and have faith that Jesus is able to save us from God’s judgement and give us strength to live a holy life. This is what is meant by being born-again, and this is what I have done. I left my sins even though I enjoyed them, so I can be at peace with God. And I hope you can do the same.


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