Whitney Houston’s Death

Whitney Houston’s death is a good springboard for evangelism. I tried it in the bus on the way to work today and it worked like a charm. Whatever makes people think of death and eternity is a good springboard for evangelism, and unfortunately the death of celebrities is exactly what’s needed for people to realise that they are immortal. This is what happened with me this morning:

Me: It’s sad what happened to Whitney, don’t u think?

Person: Yeah, it’s very sad!

Me: Where do you think she is right now?

Person: Heaven of course.

Me: Does everybody go to heaven after they die?

Person: Yes, everybody goes to heaven when they die.

Me: Even Adolf Hitler went to heaven?

Person: Yes, God works in mysterious ways and loves all of us.

Me: Do you believe there’s a hell?

Person: No!

Me: What if there’s hell, are you good enough not to go there?

Person: Of course!

Me: Do you know the Ten Commandments, there’s one that says you shall not lie?


From here you take the person through some of the Ten Commandments and make him realise that he is guilty of breaking the law of God; and that a righteous God will exercise justice and send all lawbreakers to hell. It’s important at this stage to quote verses like 1 Corinthians 6:9-10, Revelations 21:8 and Galatians 5:19-21 which shows beyond doubt that all lawbreakers will be sent to hell. It is only after this stage that you introduce the grace of God, through Jesus, into the picture and make a person realise what the cross of Jesus actually mean.



  1. Alena said

    Very good indeed! We must speak the truth in a dark and compromising, blinded world. How will they know the truth if we are not sent? Will we be held accountible for their blood if we do not care if they fall into the flames? Heaven is real and hell is real. God can’t look on sin and noone can enter the gates of Heaven with sin in their life. I don’t know if Whitney Houston made it to Heaven? I know she didn’t have the strength of the Lord to overcome her demons. Very sad indeed. I’d like to think she knew God in her heart but had some underlying root cause that she couldn’t overcome and God will look on her with mercy. I don’t know because she didn’t live a life that God commands us to live, that being separated from the world and pleasing to God. Only God knows what is in a person’s heart when they draw their last breathe. I do hope she’s in Heaven. To think otherwise is far too painful to consider.

  2. None of us know if she is in heaven or not, but I hope she is, otherwise the thought is too painful to bear.

  3. Sally said

    Every human being that has ever lived go somewhere when they die, heaven or hell depending on the decision they made and the life the lived on earth, whether in accordance with the only genuine bonafide word of God, the holy bible or otherwise. From every indications, whitney houston lived a life in full disobedience to the word of God. Whitney did not live a holy life but was smoking, drinking, fornicating, partying, telling lies. The Bible says, ‘follow peace with all men and holiness without which no man shall see God’. A life of holiness is a necessity to enter the kingdom of God. Any other life contrary to the revealed will of God in the holy bible is false,deceptive and leads to hell. I believe with all my heart with no iota of doubt that Whitney houston is in hell. Hell is real.

  4. Teza said

    Satan keeps deceiving humanity that there is no hell through different tactics. Every truly born again child of God go to heaven when they die. Mind you sinful christians who cheat, tell lies, commit abortion, keep malice, fornicate, commit incest, murder, adultery, smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol, visit seances, practice withcraft, sorcery, wizardry, debauchery, revelry will go to hell when they die. Only born again christians who live a holy and righteous life in accordance with the word of God are truly saved in the sight of God. Accept Jesus christ into your life as your lord and personal saviour. Believe that Jesus christ died for your sins. Repent from your sinful ways and ask God for grace to live a holy life. Join a good bible believing and teaching church where the holy bible is esteemed and taught without adulteration so that you can grow and mature spiritually. God will reveal himself to you in Jesus name amen.

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