Legalistic social hoops


There’s a very destructive colonialism mentality that African believers need to repent from. Africans have been introduced to legalistic social hoops that unbelievers have to go through before they are welcomed as believers. For instance, where in the bible does it say a believer has to wear a suit to church? Where in the bible does say it say women have to wear skirts while men wear trousers? Where in the bible does it say believers have to tithe?

These things may look minor but very destructive! Why would a man living in rags be a believer when he’s required to wear suits to church? Why would a man who doesn’t even have food on the table because of his little income be a believer when he’ll be commanded to tithe from the very little he has, when the tithe is not even going to be used to feed the poor but to enrich the pastor? We are shutting the door of the Gospel in the faces of the poor and destitute because of what European and American missionaries have mistakenly brought to our shores along with the Gospel.

We should stop the tendency to discriminate against the poor and destitute, while we run after the affluent. Let us not neglect the rich, but let the Gospel be preached to the poor as a matter of urgency. And when the poor convert we shouldn’t try to turn them into images that we think best suit the Gospel. The poor are desperate for the Gospel, and we should remove all social hoops that are in place.


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