Secular or Church-Planting Job

 There are two categories of jobs acceptable for a Christian: 1) a secular job. i.e doctor, lawyer, clerk, garden boy, maid, etc
2) full-time church-planting job.

People who have a theology degree/diploma and sit in their offices monday to friday reading books and chatting on facebook and only have two sermons on sunday to preach should not think that they fall in the second category. That is called idling, and Paul warns against it in the book of Thessalonians and Galatians. If you don’t have a secular job, then you better make sure that you preach at every chance that you get, and you should make sure that you create preaching chances almost every day, otherwise you are idling. We need to stop taking offerings that belong to the poor and give them to lazy people just because they are called Pastors/Reverend while people who plant churches are starving. If you have a secular job then you better work as though working for the Lord, otherwise you are idling.

Ask yourself one question: Do I have a secular job? If no, then go out and preach!


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