Commit to being a Missionary

Every Christian is capable of doing the work of a missionary, and they should. God will never allow you to live in a place where mission work is unnecessary. We have misguided view that a missionary is a person who has to leave his home and go to a far place so he can evangelise those far-away heathens. But haven’t you realised that there are also heathens where you live who have never heard the Gospel, and deserve to hear it? When we read about Missionaries we get very impressed, but we fail to realise that they are going house-to-house evangelising and doing open-air preaching, just as we can do. The difference between them and us is that they have committed their lives to that place and those people until the work of God is done. We have a commitment problem! We are willing to do open-air preaching anywhere, but we don’t care if the work is done or not, just as long as we dispersed our responsibility to preach. Missionaries care if the heathens are saved or not, because they live amongst them. We preach and go back to our homes as though nothing has happened, that’s why we see no fruit in our labours, and we don’t care either way.

Commit yourself to a place. Commit yourself to a people. Commit yourself to preach to them until God shows them grace. Commit yourself to preaching to each and every one of them. Commit your prayers to them. Commit your life to ensuring their safety from hell. Die amongst them if need be. But by all means, don’t find your life uncommitted to a heathen.


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