Not ashamed to testify

“do not be ashamed to testify about our Lord” (2 Timothy 1:8).

The reason why people don’t share their faith is because they are afraid of the shame that comes with it. As I witnessed in the train I was shamed once in front of many people and the train still had more than 10 minutes to go. I wanted to jump off the train so I can run away from the shame, then I remembered that Jesus was shamed a…s well in the presence of all of Jerusalem. I wanted to save this man from hell and instead he shamed me. My ego was bruised for a moment. But I’m glad I was shamed out of love for him and God. I wanted to tell this man of eternal life, yet he considered himself not worthy of it. He is the one who should be ashamed and he will be.

Let us be shamed for the love of brothers and sisters. Let us be considered idiots so we can save some from hell. Let us share in the suffering of Christ, so we can also share in his glory.


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  1. Dirk Chainsward said

    Sorry, but why were you trying to save this man in the first place? You say he was going to hell. Please tell me how you know this.

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